Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Sawicki, Jerzy

Subject Headings

Rotors, Rotors -- Bearings, Rotational motion, Magnetic bearing, Rotordynamic, Crack detection, Magnetic force actuator, Active magnetic bearing, Combinational frequency, Active health monitoring


The ability to monitor the structural health of rotordynamic systems is becoming increasingly important as critical components continue to be used despite aging and the associated potential for damage accumulation. The aim of this thesis is to investigate a novel structural health monitoring approach for the detection of damage in rotating shafts, which utilizes a magnetic force actuator for applying multiple types of force inputs on to a rotating structure for analysis of resulting outputs. The magnetic actuator will be used in conjunction with conventional support bearings and also be applied to rotor under full magnetic levitation. The results of numerical simulations of the cracked rotor system will be compared with experimental data obtained with the crack detection dedicated test rig