Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Sawicki, Jerzy

Subject Headings

Turbomachines, Rotors, Machinery -- Monitoring, Electromagnetism, Rotating machines, Rotor, Crack, Breathing crack, Damage detection, AMBs, Conical active magnetic bearings, Vibration spectrum


The objective of this thesis is to explore an innovative approach to the on-line health monitoring of rotating machinery in the presence of structural damage using active magnetic bearings (AMBs). First, the detailed model of the rotor with the breathing transverse crack is developed using finite element method. Next, the experimental data from the rotating magnetically levitated healthy and cracked shafts, under specially designed external excitation force, was collected, analyzed and compared with the computer simulation. The obtained results demonstrate that the presented on-line health monitoring technique is very effective for detection of the structural damage in rotating machinery, and it has a potential to be effectively applied in industry