Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Stankovic, Ana

Subject Headings

Electrical Engineering Three phase PWM boost rectifier Extreme Unbalanced Operation Constant Switching frequency converter variable hysteresis controller Unity power factor operation Output voltage control


This thesis presents a generalized control method for constant switching frequency PWM Boost Type Rectifier under extremely unbalanced operating conditions in the power system. The proposed analytical method is verified by using MATLAB/ Simulink model developed under severe unbalanced conditions of input source voltages and input impedances. The closed loop control method for controlling the output DC voltage is also presented and verified by using MATLAB/Simulink model. An experimental model is built to prove the feasibility of the proposed constant switching frequency operation of the PWM Boost Type Rectifier under extreme unbalanced operation conditions by using DSPACE RT1104 digital control system