Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Thomas, M. Brian

Subject Headings

Chicago Transit Authority, Organizational effectiveness, Industrial efficiency, Industrial management -- Cost effectiveness, Value added, Railroads -- Freight -- Management, Railroad terminals -- Management, Railroads -- Illinois -- Chicago -- Maintenance and repair, Bus lines -- Illinois -- Chicago -- Maintenance and repair, Lean production system


This thesis demonstrates the application of Lean Enterprise principles in a unionized/government-subsidized environment. This study states that Lean cannot be fully implemented in such an environment. The work environment and organization's culture required a hybrid system to maximize the process efficiency. Lean production is a manufacturing philosophy that focuses on adding value for the customer. It is commonly accepted that Lean is applicable to almost any repetitive process in any kind of organization, including government agencies and unionized work environments. The objective of this thesis was to research the opportunities and applicability for Lean Enterprise in public transportation. During the implementation a hybrid production system, consisting of Lean and systems engineering tools, is realized and integrated instead of a pure Lean system. This thesis details the implementation of Lean in the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's bus maintenance facility, and presents the results of the transformation. The possible future state is proposed by the aid of Arena simulation software and statistical analysis