Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Zhao, Wenbing

Subject Headings

Web sites -- Design, Web services


The increased usage of web services by many of the corporate industries to exchange their critical information over World Wide Web has directly impacted the need for high availability of web services. So in this work of ours we designed and developed a light weight fault tolerance framework for web services, by strictly biding ourselves to the design specifications of web services. We developed our framework by extending the open source implementation of Web services reliable messaging specifications. Our framework provides fault tolerance capability using the replication strategy, and can easily be reverted back to basic point to point reliable message specifications implementation dynamically upon availability of resources. We used a customized consensus solving algorithm to achieve and maintain consistency among the replicated systems. The message patterns that are used to exchange the data are very much bided to the message specifications of web services. Our framework does not use any proprietary protocols for transmission of messages over the network. We also carefully tuned our framework for enhanced performance by techniques like batching, and proved from our performance results that our framework is optimal and has very less run time overhead