Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Zhao, Wenbing

Subject Headings

Fault-tolerant computing, Web services, Transaction systems (Computer systems)


This thesis describes a Byzantine fault tolerant coordination framework for Web services atomic transactions. In the framework, all core services, including transaction activation, registration, completion, and distributed commit, are replicated and protected by Byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms. The traditional two-phase commit protocol is extended by a Byzantine fault tolerant version that can tolerate arbitrary faults on the coordinator and the initiator sides, and some types of malicious faults on the participant side. To achieve Byzantine fault tolerance in an efficient manner, and to limit the types of malicious behaviors of the coordinator, a novel decision certificate is introduced. The decision certificate includes a signed copy of the participants' vote records, and it is piggybacked with all decision notifications to the participants for each participant to verify the legitimacy of the decision. The Byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms, together with the extended two-phase commit protocol, have been incorporated into an open-source framework supporting the standard Web services atomic transactions specification. Performance characterizations of the framework show that the implementation is fairly efficient. Such a Byzantine fault tolerant coordination framework can be useful for many transactional Web services that require a high degree of security and dependability