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Doane, Lisa Stines

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Counseling in higher education -- United States, Rape victims -- Services for -- United States, College students -- United States -- Psychological aspects, sexual assault rape barriers therapy therapeutic campus counseling


Previous research has found that the majority of sexual assault survivors do not receive therapeutic treatment for their traumatic experience(s), despite the detrimental psychological effects sexual assault can produce (e.g. Kimerling & Calhoun, 1994 Koss & Harvey, 1991 New & Berliner, 2000). The present study examines potential barriers to seeking campus therapeutic services in college women who have experienced sexual assault (or hypothetical sexual assault among those with no history of sexual assault). Overall, knowledge about sexual assault services on campus was quite limited. Knowledge of the location of the campus counseling center was related to an increased likelihood of intending to use campus counseling services if any unwanted sexual experiences occur. The primary reasons students felt they did not or would not use campus therapeutic services after unwanted sexual experiences were examined. Unwanted sexual experiences were found to be significantly predictive of having sought therapy. Respondents who had unwanted sexual experiences had higher levels of PTSD, depression, and alcohol abuse symptom severity than respondents who had not had these experiences

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