Tarek Soukieh

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration


Monte Ahuja College of Business

First Advisor

Henry, Raymond

Subject Headings

Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Management, Statistics, Systems Design, Systems Science


Most organizations today use business analytics systems mainly for efficiency; reducing cost by contacting the right customer, generating revenue by reducing churn, etc. Nevertheless, business analytics holds promise in generating insights and in making users more creative in their decision making process.

Analytics technology is becoming sophisticated with very advanced technical capabilities. However, behavioral aspects (i.e. user interaction) of using business analytics software have not reached the same level of sophistication. Very little research in this field discusses how to implement analytical systems and what outcomes will it produce.

We are looking at conditions that can enhance user interaction with business analytics systems leading to certain performance outcomes. We propose that the fit between users’ cognitive style (intuitive vs. rational), business analytics model representations (decision tree vs. clustering), and task type (convergent vs. divergent) can lead to efficiency but can have adverse effects on creativity because that might lead to mindlessness in the decision making process.