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Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Education


Education and Human Services

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Harper, Brian

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Higher Education


College students leave school before completing their degrees. Costs are high when college students fail to persist and reach their graduation goals. There are many reasons why students fail to persist which have already been thoroughly investigated elsewhere. Prior research has shown a positive correlation between strength of school connectedness and persistence. This document examined the concept of school connectedness and how it related to perceived strength of school connectedness in older, nontraditional age community college students in votech programs as compared to traditional age students in associate degree programs.

To measure perceived strength of school connectedness, this research used archival data from a Noel-Levitz™ student satisfaction survey from 22 community colleges. The data are from spring 2009 through 2012 and contain 13, 225 total student records. The data were quantitatively analyzed using multiple regression analysis, as appropriate for the research questions.

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