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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Washkewicz College of Engineering

Subject Headings

Civil Engineering, Engineering


The State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) have sought out ways to extend the life of the repair materials used by their construction crews, specifically, using high performance repair materials for the purposes of patching worn down or cracked sections of highways and bridge decks. Ohio is known for its frequent changes in weather, with freeze-thaw cycles occurring multiple times throughout the year. These cycles affect the lifespan of the repair material and create more maintenance for the DOT. Products that combat this problem were chosen, installed and examined over a year period to determine which could be recommended for continued use.
The objective of this study was to thoroughly examine other state’s specifications, as well as taking into consideration the results of the research and lab work done by fellow graduate students on high-performance repair material and to recommend a standard specification for the Ohio Department of Transportation. The research team documented the processes in which each of the repair materials was installed in order to compare ease of installation and to determine whether the material would be used in subsequent tests. After examination of previous recommendations and results, the materials that were chosen for the summer 2015 installation and testing were RepCon 928 and MG Krete. RepCon 928 was the only product that was used during the winter 2014/15 installations and was considered for further investigation