Civil Society Documentation Efforts: Working Together to Identify and Find Solutions

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Opinio Juris


Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), human rights, civil society documentation


Recently, the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), The Engine Room, and HURIDOCS published a report titled Human Rights Documentation Solutions: Human Rights Documentation by Civil Society – Technological Needs, Challenges, and Workflows. This needs assessment report is the culmination of nearly a year of research and interviews, completing the first phase of a larger project to assist civil society organizations in conducting human rights documentation by ensuring access to sustainable, tailored, and secure technological solutions that facilitate their efforts for truth, justice, and accountability. PILPG and its partners found that there is not one overarching need throughout the field, but rather individual concerns of a variety of actors. In 84 pages, the report identifies 10 key findings. In this blog, we tease out three of the key findings that are applicable to civil society documenters, tool developers, and transitional justice experts. We also highlight the incredible work around civil society documentation efforts and stress the need for synergy among various actors involved in documentation initiatives in order to find solutions to existing challenges.


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