An Academic Theory Has Become the 21st Century’s Willie Horton

Reginald Oh, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University

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How do we counter the Right’s disinformation campaign against Critical Race Theory (CRT)? This question should keenly interest anyone who believes in liberal democracy, because the attack on CRT is about triggering authoritarianism, which is the antithesis of democracy.

Citizens can take several steps. First, learn the truth. Read articles like this one to learn about what CRT is really about. Second, use that knowledge to engage in political discourse on social media, at town halls, at school board meetings, and with your elected representatives, to spread the truth about CRT. Third, when engaging with right-wing critics of CRT, expose their ignorance. The reality is that many critics of CRT know little to nothing about it. So, pepper them with questions such as: Could you define CRT? What critical race theory books or articles have you read? Do you know what the social construction of race means? Finally, citizens can use their political power and vote. Vote out fear mongering CRT attackers, vote in officials who stand for truth and racial justice.