Law Expert: Past Ohio Lawmakers Would Turn in Graves about Proposed Constitution Changes

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News Article

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Columbus Dispatch


Ohio, constitutional amendments, General Assembly


Secretary of State Frank LaRose proposes abandoning Ohio’s 110-year tradition of respecting simple majority rule. His proposal, House Joint Resolution 6, requires amendments proposed by citizen petitions to obtain a 60 percent supermajority vote. LaRose and his allies are moving quickly without respect for 110 years of precedent and without the care that should precede any effort to amend Ohio’s foundation document.

Conscientious Ohioans should conclude that LaRose’s proposal is a rushed, poorly researched, and cynical attempt to undercut proposed amendments expected to appear on the ballot over the next two years––proposals to create an independent redistricting commission, raise the minimum wage, and protect the reproductive freedom and health of Ohio’s women.


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