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Fordham International Law Journal


International Criminal Court (ICC), gender persecution, Rome Statute, sexual and gender-based (SGBV) crimes


This Article's primary goal is to highlight the International Criminal Court (ICC)'s Office of the Prosecutor (OTP)'s Gender Persecution Policy, while also demonstrating its place in the trajectory of the ICC's progress in changing the course of human history as relates to the recognition of and prosecution of sexual and gender-based (SGBV) crimes. To that end, some background is necessary to contextualize the ICC's current policy and practice as relates to the crime of gender persecution. Part II discusses the Rome Statute's unique contributions to the development of international criminal law regarding SGBV crimes, including the crime of gender persecution. Part III moves from codification to practice, addressing the OTP's 2014 Policy Paper, and some of the investigations and prosecutions of SGBV crimes that resulted from the Office's specific decision to develop and devote resources to ensure that such crimes were not overlooked--as they often had been historically. Part IV turns to the 2022 Gender Persecution Policy which was released in December 2022, detailing the Policy's key features. Part IV concludes by addressing implementation and some key challenges that may arise. As past practice demonstrates, achieving positive outcomes in terms of convictions is no easy task. Nevertheless, this Article commends the OTP for plainly stating its intention to engage in training and to educate their staff and others to ensure the successful implementation of the policy.