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Book Review

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Journal of Law and Religion


Jewish law, Talmudic law, Talmud


This a review of Jewish Law (Mishpat Ivri): Cases and Materials by Menachem Elon, Bernard Auerbach, Daniel D. Chazin and Melvin J. Sykes. The reviewer concludes that this book is not only the first of its kind, it is also an outstanding contribution to law teaching that will be of substantial assistance to the growing number of professors teaching Jewish law in American law schools. The extensive presentation of Talmudic and other Jewish law sources, combined with the inclusion of Israeli court decisions, make this book an excellent research tool for both student and professor. Its use of authority and its notes represent scholarship that compares favorably to casebooks in other fields of law study. This book is very strong in terms of scope, writing, organization, classroom adaptability and interest. Its only flaws, if one accepts my premise as to what a Jewish law course should be, are that there is more need for (1) comparison to the American legal system, and (2) more extensive Notes including hypothetical cases to better focus discussion. A capable Professor can fill both of these limited gaps. The law school community needed a book of this type. Justice Elon and his colleagues have met this need. I applaud them for doing so with élan.



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