The Long-Term Impact of CDC's on Neighborhoods: Case Studies of Cleveland's Broadway-Slavic Village and Tremont Neighborhoods

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Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society


community development corporations, cleveland, neighborhoods, impact on, slavic village, tremont


This article analyzes the impact of two long-term community development corporations (CDCs) in Cleveland, Ohio, both of which influenced their communities and the greater Cleveland metropolitan area for over two decades. These two community development corporations were considered the most successful in the city. As a case study, the research team of investigative scholars at Cleveland State University used a variety of neighborhood indicators, as well as a set of measures derived through in-depth interviews with focus groups and key stakeholders. Although it is not possible to establish direct causal connections, the evidence presented points to clear improvements in both neighborhoods that are attributable in part to the efforts of these two community development corporations. But for their efforts, conditions in both neighborhoods would have been much worse.



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