Book Review, Community-Based Development: Current Status and Future Prospects for Community Development Corporations

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Book Review

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Journal of Planning Literature


community based development, community development corporations


This review essay examines community-based development and looks at the status and future prospects of community development corporations (CDCs). The following publications are discussed:

1. Rachel G. Bratt, Rebuilding a Low-Income Housing Policy (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1989).

2. Renee Berger, "Against All Odds: The Achievements of Community-Based Development Organizations" (Washington, D.C.: National Congress for Community Economic Development, March 1989).

3. Neil S. Mayer, The Role of Nonprofits in Renewed Federal Housing Efforts (Cambridge, Ma.: Center for Real Estate Development, MIT, March 1988).

4. Neal R. Pierce and Carol F. Steinbach, "Corrective Capitalism: The Rise of America's Community Development Corporations" (New York: Ford Foundation, July 1987).



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