International Power Politics and Secession

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The Routledge Handbook on Self-Determination and Secession


The Routledge Handbook of Self-Determination and Secession explores the various debates surrounding the issues of self-determination and secession, and the legal, political, and normative implications they give rise to.

Offering a broad survey of the state of the sub-discipline today, the chapters are divided into seven key parts: an Introduction, Self-Determination, Explaining and Justifying Secession, Secession Strategies, Counter-Secession Strategies, International Law and Secession, and Constitutional Law and Secession. The authors, from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, explore all the recent approaches to secession and self-determination based on strategic interaction of major actors in a secession process.

This handbook will be of great interest to students and researchers from a variety of disciplines including politics and international relations, security studies, and law.




Edited By Ryan D. Griffiths, Aleksandar Pavković, and Peter Radan