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Ohio Legal Research provides a concise introduction to Ohio-specific primary authorities and research tools for readers new to legal research or new to researching Ohio law. Ohio Legal Research introduces federal resources alongside their Ohio counterparts, which makes the text useful for an introductory research course that covers both state and federal research. Written with the understanding that research is best learned by practice, this book offers succinct explanation to guide the novice without including so much as to overwhelm.

The updated second edition incorporates recent changes to the major electronic research platforms, while maintaining a process focus that will help the reader no matter which platform is available. Updated web addresses also point the researcher to many materials available for free online, including the recently adopted, official electronic reporting system for Ohio case law. Ohio Legal Research includes a fully revised chapter on citation that teaches basic citation form using the major citation manuals and, perhaps most significant to the Ohio practitioner, the recently overhauled Ohio Manual of Citations.



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Ohio Legal Research