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Dennis Eckart interviewed by Louis Milic, 3

A freshman member of Congress describes his day-to-day work in the House of Representatives.

Richard Feinberg. Muskrats of Brady Lake: A Case of American Totemism, 20

In this Ohio community, representing a cross-section of Middle-America, may be observed a number of practices that in a primitive society an anthropologist would label as "totemism."

Jack A. Soules: Building the Energy House, 27

Physics professor tells the pains, prices, and rewards of designing and building his own energy-efficient house.

Prudence Tucker Heller: Collecting Islands, 40

Two sisters enjoy budget vacations in out-of-the way places, preferably accessible only by small boat.

Alberta Tucker Turner: A Sheaf of Island Poems, 53

Seven poems about the islands described in the previous article.

Bruce A. Beatie. De Profundis: Graffiti as Communication, 59

Inscriptions on public toilet walls are a valuable resource for psychological and sociological studies.

Athena Tacha: "Complexity and Contradiction" in Contemporary Sculpture, 67

A "modest manifesto" on stylistic developments in architectural sculpture during the seventies, accompanied by photographs of works by eight leading sculptors, with personal statements by the artists.

Klaus George Roy. Winter Death Songs, Opus llS, 78

Seven Haiku, for piano and low voice.

William I. Shorrock: War and Revolution in the Twentieth Century, 86

The combination of modern methods of warfare with new social awareness on the part of large segments of the world's population creates a situation of great danger for human liberty.

Betty Jarmusch: Fiction: Sacred Grove, 95

A Shaker Heights housewife sees the ghosts of original Shaker settlers.

Sidney Kraus and Dennis Davis: Televised Political Debates: the Negotiated Format, 102

The most important question about the presidential debates is their format. The candidates control the format, and they are interested not in educating the public but in winning the election.

Back Matter.

Patrick J. Amer: Digital Is Not the Answer, 113

Audiophile disagrees with Albert Petrak on the virtues of digitally encoded recordings.

Robert Cluett: Letter, 116

Professor takes issue with Louis Milic on The Big Apple.

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Winter 1982


Cleveland State University




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The Gamut: A Journal of Ideas and Information, No. 05, Winter 1982