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Marianne Evett: The Many Faces of Ariel, 3

The strikingly different ways in which Shakespeare's"airy spirit" in The Tempest has been represented on the stage reflect major shifts in sexual and social, as well as theatrical, attitudes since the first production 371 years ago.

Frederick H. Holck: By Their Handwriting Ye Shall Know Them, 15

Grapho-psychology is being used in personnel selection, law, and other situations requiring insight into peoples' personalities.

Lawrence Martin: A Case for Intensive Care, 33

Often a hospital's Intensive Care Unit can only keep a patient alive while the body tries to heal itself. Without such support, however, a critically ill patient has no chance. Even with full ICU support, the outcome may be disastrous. An actual case history.

Larry R. Sherman and Nancy L. Carney: The False Saint Nicholas, 43

Detecting and evaluating a forged nineteenth-century Russian icon.

James A. Miller: "No Stranger Could Have Said.", 50

An elegy for John Gardner (1933-1982)

Robert Fox: Two Short-Short Stories, 51

The Malarky Sisters, The Divorce of the Unmarried.

Henry T. King, Jr: Nuremberg Revisited, 54

Former prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945-46 returns after 35 years and talks with the German defense attorney who opposed him at the trials, and also with Albert Speer, the convicted Nazi war criminal.

Peter Baker: Birth Defects: a Realistic View, 63

Medical science has no remedy for the majority of birth defects, but some, such as those caused by alcohol, can be prevented.

Louis T. Millc: Arabic, 68

First in a series of Languages of the World.

Thylias Moss: Four Poems, 72

One-Legged Cook, Good Amnesia, Usual Betrayals, From the Bride's Journal.

Robert Finn: Critics: the Essential Outsiders, 75

Award-winning critic maintains that critics and reviewers serve a vital function in the world of the arts a function that the artists themselves cannot perform.

Leah Beth Ward: The Consumers League of Ohio: Early Champion of Working Women, 81

Wealthy Oeveland women versus employers who exploited working women sixty and eighty years ago.

David Guralnik: Word Watch: Productive suffixes, 94

Watergate has spawned a multitude of new coinages based on the suffix -gate.

Harold Ticktin: My Fair Lady is Italian, 95

"The rain in Spain" leads to a romance with Italian -and to Italian Romanzas, in one of which the author discovers Henry Kissinger.

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