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Walter C. Leedy, Jr: Cleveland's Terminal Tower: the Van Sweringens' Afterthought, 3

The financial, political, and architectUIal saga of the building of Cleveland's central landmark.

Clinton L. Warne: The Great Natural Gas Pipeline Rip-Off, 27

President Reagan's waiver of all effective regulation of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline could have a damaging effect on the national economy while insuring private investors' profits.

Jerrold Sadock: Languages of the World: Inuit (Eskimo), 31

The language with the longest words in the world.

Winners of the Gamut Prize in the Visual Arts, 35

Judith Pittenger-Meyer, 36

Penny Rakoff, 38

Mark Soppeland, 40

Reid Wood, 42

Thomas J. Watts: The Poet as Hero: The Cult of Pushkin in Soviet Russia, 44

Official and unofficial veneration of the nineteenth-century poet vastly exceeds the recognition accorded any writer in the West, including Shakespeare.

Rescuing the Future: the Gamut Looks at the Cleveland School System, 61

The Critics:

Nancy Oakley: Politics, Power, and Profit Make Schools a Mess, 64

Richard C. Israel and Nancy Oakley: The Schools Flunk Reading, 67

The Teachers

Sheila L. Friedman: Starting Off Right. Life in a Cleveland first grade, 73

James E. O'Meara, Jr. Mighty Problems, Desperate Remedies: Interview, 79

J.E. Vacha: Let the Teachers Teach, 86

The Academics

Richard J. McArdle: Higher Education and the Schools, 88

Everett F. Cataldo: Desegregation and Declining Enrollment, 91

Roberta M. Steinbacher: Choosing a Superintendent. Interview, 94

The Administrators

Frederick D. Holliday: A School System for a Changing Society, 100

Joseph G. Tegreene: Can a New School Board Turn It Around, 105

Dean Fleenor and James Lanese: Teachers Union and Administration Cooperate on Staff Development, 106

The Editors. Conclusion, 108

Melvin Drimmer: Three Jewish Fridays in Africa, 110

Jewish communities are disappearing in African cities where they once flourished.

Publication Date

Winter 1983


Cleveland State University




Arts and Humanities | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Gamut: A Journal of Ideas and Information, No. 08, Winter 1983