These works are a sampling of faculty research and student papers which utilize datasets contained in the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). ICPSR is a data archive for more than 80,000 studies across a variety of disciplines including: behavioral and social sciences, education, economics, political science, public health, and more. Datasets are available for download in SAS, SPSS, and ASCII formats, and is available to all faculty, staff, and students at Cleveland State University.

Data in ICPSR can be perfect for faculty research in the social sciences, and student scholarship and learning alike. To learn more about ICPSR, contact your librarian.

Are you a faculty member, staff, or student who has used ICPSR data in your research? Contact Ben Richards ( to have your work included on this page.


Submissions from 2014


The Nation's Two Measures of Homicide, Wendy C. Regoeczi, Duren Banks, Michael Planty, Lynn Langton, and Margaret Warner

Submissions from 2008


The Conjunctive Analysis of Case Configurations: an Exploratory Method for Discrete Multivariate Analyses of Crime Data, Terance D. Miethe, Timothy C. Hart, and Wendy C. Regoeczi

Submissions from 2007


Who Survives on Death Row? An Individual and Contextual Analysis, David Jacobs, Jason T. Carmichael, Zhenchao Qian, and Stephanie L. Kent