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Coroner's Inquest Transcript, p. 352-578, July 23, 1954 to July 26, 1954

Testimony of Ronald L. Callihan, volunteer fireman in Bay Village; Dr. Stephen Allen Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's brother; Dr. Richard N. Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's brother; Dorothy Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's sister-in-law; Betty Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's sister-in-law; Richard Sommer, Bay Village Fire Department; Richard A. Lease, administrator for Bay View Hospital; Thomas S. Reese, Marilyn Sheppard's father; Dr. Richard Hexter, physician at Lutheran Hospital who examined Sam Sheppard on July 4; Nancy Ahern, friend of the Sheppards who was at the Sheppard home on the evening of July 3; Ethel Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's mother; Dr. Richard A. Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's father; Samuel Reese (Chip) Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's son; Gervase Charles Flick, osteopathic physician who examined x-rays taken of Dr. Sam Sheppard

Additional testimony of Sam Reese Sheppard and Dr. Gervase Flick took place in the Coroner's office in Cleveland, Ohio on other dates in July, 1954

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1954 inquest, Samuel R. Gerber, Saul S. Danaceau, William J. Corrigan, Nancy Ahern, Ronald L. Callihan, Stephen A. Sheppard, Richard N. Sheppard, Dorothy Sheppard, Betty Sheppard, Richard Sommer, Richard A. Lease, Thomas S. Reese, Richard Hexter, Ethel Sheppard, Richard A. Sheppard, Samuel Reese (Chip) Sheppard, Gervase Charles Flick


Photo: Mixture of police and the defense team observe the inquest at Normandy Elementary School, 1954, from Cleveland Memory

Transcript of Coroner's Inquest (Part 3)



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