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The Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) presents: THE HONORABLE JUDGE POLSTER An Interactive Discussion on the Amish Beard Cutting Case.

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Jewish Law Students Association

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Judge Dan Polster presents to an audience consisting of Cleveland Marshall College of Law Students, Staff, Alumni and the general public regarding the Amish hair-and beard-chopping case in which the victims were restrained while their hair, a symbol of their faith, was cut. Samuel Mullet Sr., the group's leader was given a 15 year sentence (now reduced to 10 years 9 months). Mullet did not participate in the attacks but was influential upon the other group members.

Judge Polster discusses hate crimes in general and the reduction of the sentences as well. Polster remains convinced that the attacks were "substantially motivated by the victims' religion." Polster feels the defendants inflicted trauma on the victims and trampled on their First Amendment right of religious freedom.