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Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Melanie Gagich


Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Melanie Gagich


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More and more teachers are using creative classroom assignments to help students take ownership of their learning. But when classroom assignments involve public-facing projects, what are the copyright implications? And how can students be responsibly invited to share their voices with the world? This podcast invites faculty to share how they incorporate public-facing projects (such as open pedagogy and multimodal projects) into the classroom, and how librarians and others partner with them for success. In this interview, Mandi Goodsett talks with Melanie Gagich about her creative multimodal composition assignment.


Melanie Gagich, Senior College Lecturer, First-Year Writing Program, English Department, Cleveland State University

Dr. Melanie Gagich is a Senior College Lecturer in the First-Year Writing Program at Cleveland State University where she has taught composition courses for nearly ten years. She received her PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2020 and earned an Effective Online Teaching Practices certification from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) in 2021. She has published her work in the Interactive Journal of Technology and Pedagogy and Writing Spaces with a forthcoming article appearing in Composition Forum. Her research interests include multimodal composition, digital literacy, digital rhetoric, and open access pedagogy. She served as convener of the DigitalCSU working group from 2018-2020, as a faculty champion during the 2020-2021 academic year, and as a member of the OpenCon Cleveland planning committee since 2018. She also won the inaugural Textbook Hero award with her co-author, Emilie Zickel, for the open access textbook, A Guide to Rhetoric, Genre, and Success in First-Year Writing.

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Mandi Goodsett, Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian, OER & Copyright Advisor, Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library

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Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Melanie Gagich