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Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Suzanne Marmo


Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Suzanne Marmo


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More and more teachers are using creative classroom assignments to help students take ownership of their learning. But when classroom assignments involve public-facing projects, what are the copyright implications? And how can students be responsibly invited to share their voices with the world? This podcast invites faculty to share how they incorporate public-facing projects (such as open pedagogy and multimodal projects) into the classroom, and how librarians and others partner with them for success. In this interview, Mandi Goodsett talks with Suzanne Marmo about her creative multimodal composition assignment.


Suzanne Marmo, PhD, LCSW is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Her research interests include palliative and hospice social work, the role of social work in health care organizations, and social justice and inequities in palliative care and health care systems. She was an OER fellow at Sacred Heart University in 2019-2020 and is currently the Connecticut representative for New England Board of Higher Education’s Community of Practice. Her interest in OER comes from her belief that using OER is a matter of social justice to help promote more equitable access to learning for all students. Dr Marmo is interested in how open pedagogy can empower social work students to develop competency in social work practice, and act as partners in creation of educational materials for students. Dr Marmo has redesigned three courses to completely OER content in her social work program and uses renewable assignments to create content with current students to help prepare future students.

Matt DeCarlo's Open Social Work project: https://opensocialwork.org/?s=social+work

Suzanne's Open Pedagogy Project Site: https://sites.google.com/view/suzanne-marmo/home

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Mandi Goodsett, Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian, OER & Copyright Advisor, Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library.

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Open Pedagogy Support Podcast Interview with Suzanne Marmo