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crime scene investigation, Bay Village Police Department, Cleveland Police Department, bushy-haired man, Sam Sheppard, Marilyn Sheppard, Richard N. Sheppard, Jay H. Hubach, Fred F. Drenkhan, J. Spencer Houk, Esther Houk, Stephen A. Sheppard, Arthur Baird, Michael S. Grabowski, Patrick Gareau, Samuel R. Gerber, Don Ahern, Nancy Ahern, Carl Schuele, Robert Reese, Paul Whitmer, Joe Tronti, John Tronti, Jerry Schumacher, Dr. Lester Hoversten, Ray Keefe, Carl Rossbach, Charles Elkin, Richard E. Knitter, Betty Knitter, July 3rd party at Sheppard home, Marilyn's body, blood spatter, Sam's medical bag, desk drawers, Sheppard home, Bay View Hospital


Initial report of murder of Marilyn Sheppard after J. Spencer Houk called police. The report details the scene of the crime when police arrived and subsequent actions taken by police in the initial investigation. It also includes details of Dr. Sam Sheppard's injury and statement to police. Additional details of the report include information from Richard and Betty Knitter, a description of a bushy-haired man, and a sketch.



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