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Police Report



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Harvey G. Weitzel, Joseph M. Sweeney, Ray Ivancic, Marion Rodgers, Sam Sheppard


Letter to Sheriff Sweeney from Deputy Sheriff Harvey Weitzel detailing interviews with Ray Ivancic and Marion Rodgers. Weitzel received a phone call that Ivancic had stated that Sam Sheppard was addicted to narcotics. When Weitzel followed up with Ivancic, he stated that he had heard this from Marion Rodgers. Upon interviewing Rodgers, Weitzel learned that Rodgers had presumed Sam Sheppard was addicted to narcotics based on a conversation he had with Dr. Richard A. Sheppard (Sam's father), who stated that he had a boy with whom he was having trouble. At no time in this conversation did Richard Sheppard specify the son or the problem.



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