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David E. Kerr, Sam Sheppard, police investigation, Robert F. Schottke, Samuel R. Gerber, John P. Eaton, Richard Hexter, Don Ahern, Nancy Ahern, Carl Rossbach, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Stephen A. Sheppard


Cleveland Police Captain David E. Kerr and Detective Robert F. Schottke met Coroner Samuel R. Gerber and Bay Village Chief of Police John P. Eaton at the Sheppard home. Kerr and Schottke learned from Gerber that Dr. Richard Hexter examined Sam and found his only outward injuries to be swelling around right eye and cheek. Dexter could see no injury to the back of the neck but Sam complained that his neck was sore and tender. Kerr and Schottke then questioned Don Ahern who said his wife, Nancy, locked and chained the back door to the Sheppard home before leaving. Marilyn then let The Aherns out the front door. They also learned from an anonymous source that Sam had been "seeing a nurse from Bayview" and had given her gifts including a wristwatch. This source said Sam stayed with this nurse in Los Angeles and when Marilyn questioned Sam about it Sam "flew into a rage." Officers traveled to Bayview Hospital to interview Sam but Dr. Stephen Sheppard informed them that they coudn't question Sam without Attorneys Corrigan and Petersilge present. In the presence of the attorneys they were able to question Sam "for a short time."



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