State ex rel. Sheppard v. Alvis, 170 Ohio St. 551, 167 N.E.2d 94 (1960)

Document Type

Ohio Supreme Court Case No. 35777 (1959)


May 4, 1960

Case Title

State ex rel. Sheppard v. Alvis, Supreme Court of Ohio #35777 (Habeas Corpus)


State ex rel. Sheppard, petition dismissed


Habeas corpus proceeding in which petitioner claimed that evidence favorable to him had been concealed by prosecution at his trial. (The specific evidence was blood testing revealing 'B' factor blood on victim's wrist watch; this blood type was neither victim's or petitioner Sam Sheppard.) The Supreme Court held that those matters which had already been considered by the court on the appeal from the conviction of petitioner would not be reconsidered, and that record of prosecution showed no claimed concealment of evidence in trial resulting in imprisonment of petitioner. Petition dismissed.