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a.) The prompt of this assignment was to create something that can educate or inform a group of people on a certain topic. In this case, my project was to make a cochlear implant model and write a research paper to inform patients and speech-language pathologists/audiologists on the technical properties of cochlear implants and how they work to stimulate an individuals hearing sensation. b.) To create the model for this project I used modeling clay to form and show the different parts of an ear and a cochlear implant. I then painted the model and added labels to show the main aspects that go into allowing an individual to hear. I also did research on the technical properties of these devices, how they are created, how they work, and the surgery to receive the device to write my paper. c.) I made this project fit the purpose and audience by creating the cochlear implant/ear model to point out the major pieces and parts of the device and the auditory system that go into allowing an individual to hear. I feel it is important that patients and speech-language pathologists/audiologists have a good understanding of how these devices work, so I wanted to create my paper in a way that would be informative of this and then create the model to go along with the paper to emphasize the main aspects of this device.

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I really enjoyed this project! I am amazed by cochlear implants and how they work to allow an individual to hear. This has always interested me so I decided to form my project around the technical properties behind cochlear implants in hopes of creating something that would inform other people of the device and how complex and amazing it is.


SPH 497 Senior Capstone Portfolio: Speech and Hearing Department

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Dr. Monica Gordon Pershey