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Fuller, Kimberly; Clonan-Roy, Katie; Goncy, Elizabeth; Naser, Shereen


Rape culture as it is used within this analysis refers to the general trend as a society to normalize the occurrence of sexual violence and can encompass behaviors such as acceptance and perpetuation of common rape myths, “slut-shaming”, and victimblaming. These behaviors are taught from a young age, mostly through the media or socialization. However, through examining sixteen sex education textbooks, certain themes seem to highlight the notion that children are exposed to rape culture through school systems. The aspects explored include discussions of consent (or lack thereof), forced stigma towards sexuality, perpetuation of harmful misconceptions including gender stereotypes, and the tendency to teach individuals how not to be raped rather than teaching how not to rape.

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College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; College of Sciences and Health Professions; College of Education and Human Services


Social Work/Curriculum & Foundations/Psychology

How Does Current Sex Education Perpetuate Rape Culture