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Berry, Anne; Schaefer, John; DeBoth, Kelle; Wendland, Madalynn


PLAAY (Participation in Leisure Allowing Access for everYone) on the Move is a program promoting independence, mobility, and access for young children with sensory and mobility impairments. As PLAAY on the Move emerged from the preexisting GoBabyGo program at Cleveland State University, a collaborative program, showcasing research and educating the community about the services provided, became a necessity. Conducting primary research as well as secondary research helps determine the best content management system (CMS) to fulfill the needs of the program. Additionally, user testing and surveys about the website, created with the CMS, proves the effectiveness of the platform while considering individuals limitations. Squarespace ultimately proved to have the best calendar, image gallery, and RSVP or reply features. These components are vital for families to be able to learn more about what PLAAY on the Move provides and inform the faculty of the parent’s interests in their services. After the webpages were formatted and designed, the surveys and user testing allowed for any issues that arose to be addressed. This testing also confirmed the ability for the website to load onto multiple devices and browsers. Creating a platform for PLAAY on the Move to use provided the resources for a program that creates a huge impact on local families, allowing more people within the community to learn about what they do and hopefully get involved in the future. As many of these families must prioritize their child and their child’s impairments, the website serves as a form of communication for the parents looking for resources and support.

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College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; College of Sciences and Health Professions; College of Education and Human Services


Art and Design; Health Sciences; Teacher Education


Art and Design | Medical Sciences | Teacher Education and Professional Development

How can content management systems be customized for better user experience?