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Goncy, Elizabeth


The relationship a teenage girl and her mother hold is vital in the outcome and the decisions the teen makes. This relationship is influenced by many different things including communication patterns the mother and teen have. The aim of this study is to look at the way the two communicate throughout the teen years of the daughter to see if there is an association with whether or not the teen becomes pregnant. Teen pregnancy has been an obstacle many girls have had to face during their adolescent years. This is due to the numerous teenagers that are sexually active during this time and other factors that play a role leading up to teen pregnancy. I will be asking about different aspects within the relationship the teen and her mother held as well as any changes the teen would have liked to see within this relationship. With my study, the sample will include women between the ages of 18-35. There will be an online survey they will answer that will inquire about the individual participant’s thoughts and feelings about the relationship she had with her mother. I will also be looking for other factors that may have influenced the outcome of teen pregnancy, if this was the case, for each participant. The goal is to understand in what ways teen pregnancy can be prevented and if one of those ways can start with the relationship between the teen and their mother.

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A Study Inquiry of the Impact of the Mother-Daughter Relationship with Teen Pregnancy