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This report summarizes the findings of an in-depth study of the manufacturing sector in the Greater Northeastern/Northern region of Pennsylvania. The objective of the first section is to draw attention to the role manufacturing plays in the regional economy. It compares manufacturing to other sectors of the economy in terms of employment, gross regional product, wages, productivity, and number of establishments (See Table E-1). It also briefly describes trends in the value of shipments of manufacturing goods as a proxy for exports, manufacturers’ investments in capital expenditures as a measure of capital intensity and adoption of technology, and patenting activity as one measure of research and development (Figure E-1 and Appendix A.1). The second section of the report analyzes the performance of 11 manufacturing driver industries, those industries that drive the regional economy, and identifies growing and large industries among the non-driver manufacturing industries. The third section discusses the competitive advantage of Pennsylvania’s Greater Northeastern/Northern region in regards to manufacturing using data, previous expertise, and an extensive literature review. The fourth and fifth sections describe challenges faced by manufacturers and offers recommendations for growth to the region’s manufacturers, based on research and interviews. Finally, the sixth section summarizes the economic impact of the manufacturing companies assisted by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC) over the last five years.