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The purpose of this report is to create a shared definition and understanding of the bioscience industry across the state of Ohio. Bioscience is a relatively small industry, but it is growing both globally, nationally, and in Ohio. It is also linked to many other industries through its technologies, suppliers, and customers. This report will not only develop a deeper knowledge of the industry and its role in the economy, but we will suggest selected standards on how to study this industry and how to track its progress over time. This report is the first phase of a larger study that will analyze the bioscience industry in Northeast Ohio and Ohio based on the definitions proposed in this phase. This phase of the research was intended to agree on common definitions, develop a shared model, and identify the NAICS codes associated with sector. Based on this, the next report will develop a model for the state of Ohio and sub-regions that includes biohealth companies based not only on the NAICS definitions detailed here, but also those companies that fall outside the NAICS definition that are known participants in the biohealth sector.