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Center for Economic Development, Center for Community Planning and Development


The Greater University Circle Economic Inclusion (GUCI) Initiative has surpassed a decade of existence by connecting neighborhoods, businesses, and leaders throughout seven neighborhoods that encompass Greater University Circle (GUC) in Cleveland, Ohio. This initiative was first assembled by the Cleveland Foundation in 2005 to bring together the three major anchor institutions located in these neighborhoods (Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals Health System) to convene and meet shared goals by harnessing their collective economic power. It is important to recognize that in many other anchor initiatives in other parts of the country, initiatives are brought by one major anchor with smaller organizations at the table. The GUCI is rather unique in that it convenes three major anchors, two of which are healthcare competitors in the region, to foster opportunities for economic inclusion of neighborhood residents and businesses. This cooperation points to the systemic change that this initiative seeks to foster and shepherd to increase neighborhood opportunity within each of the anchors, as well as collaboratively across partner organizations.

This seventh evaluation report examines the GUCI’s major accomplishments, challenges, and the future of this initiative. Early in the initiative, the group sought to focus its efforts on four major work streams: Buy Local, Hire Local, Live Local, and Connect Residents. This report is organized and reports findings around these areas.