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The 2018 report on the economic impact of companies funded and/or assisted by the Northeast Ohio Entrepreneurial Services Provider Program (ESP) shows findings and evidence of the growth of the supported firms over time. These companies not only have a significant workforce and expenditures, they also have a total of 2,313 issued patents and 6,777 patents pending. In 2017 alone, there were 891 issued patents and 920 patents pending.

The ESP is a collaborative entrepreneurial support network funded in part by Ohio Third Frontier that includes accelerators, incubators, angel funds, and other organizations dedicated to commercializing technologies and fostering promising entrepreneurial ventures in Northeast Ohio. The companies included in this report have received significant technical assistance and/or direct investment funding from entrepreneurial support organizations in the ESP. The report measures the economic impact of early-stage companies that were supported in the past by JumpStart Inc. and its partners in the Northeast Ohio ESP in 2017.