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The NASA Glenn Research Center creates the benefits within the regional economy by engaging contractors from Northeast Ohio and Ohio, paying high wages to their employees who spent most of their income locally, and collaborating with local higher education institutions providing them with research grants and contracts. This study uses a multi-regional input-output (I-O) model to estimate the effect of NASA Glenn Research Center’s spending on the economies of Northeast Ohio (NEO) and Ohio. This model measures economic impact in terms of growth in output (sales), value added (output less intermediary goods), number of new and supported jobs, labor income, and tax revenues. This year’s study uses an improved methodology to measure NASA Glenn’s impact on the economies of Northeast Ohio and Ohio, and to account for the inter-relationships of two connected regions. This methodology is comparable with the one used in previous studies. The Multi-Regional Input-Output analysis better accounts for the Ohio regional supply chain, calculating the impact for the larger region as the economic impact of NASA Glenn on Northeast Ohio and on the remainder of Ohio. This report accounts for diverse economic sectors and illustrates the impact they make on the regional economies of Northeast Ohio and the State of Ohio. The table below summarizes NASA Glenn’s economic impact on Northeast Ohio and the State of Ohio during FY 2019.