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Talent attraction and workforce development are urgent topics in Northeast Ohio, as many companies are finding it challenging to locate and attract necessary workers for open jobs. This dilemma spans across sectors: from the manufacturing industry finding appropriately skilled labor to professional services finding experienced IT staff. This research analyzes employment dynamics among Northeast Ohio (NEO) industries, so policymakers and economic development practitioners can utilize our findings and design programs to improve the economic conditions in the region. This report builds on The Center for Economic Development’s prior work, which identified NEO’s Groups of Regional Industry Drivers (GRIDs). These sectors are industries with strong productivity, growing output, high regional specialization, and local competitive advantage. GRID industries connect via supply chains; thus, GRIDs identification focuses on classifying industries that contribute the most to wealth creation. The following report discusses the jobs that are created by GRIDs and their supply chain industries to put forward a relevant discussion on these industries’ futures.