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The NASA John H. Glenn Research Center, located in Cleveland and Sandusky, Ohio, continues to create vast economic benefits within the regional economies of Northeast Ohio and Ohio by employing local labor, paying high wages to their employees who spend most of their income locally, engaging local contractors, and collaborating with local higher education institutions, providing them with research grants and contracts. This study uses a multi-regional input-output (I-O) model to estimate the effect of NASA Glenn Research Center's spending on the economies of Northeast Ohio and Ohio. For the total economic impact in the state of Ohio in 2021, the researchers found NASA Glenn accounted for a growth in output (sales) of $1.9 billion, value added (output less intermediary goods) of $1.2 billion, 9,095 supported jobs, $853 million in labor income, and $211 million in tax revenue. This report is part of an ongoing research partnership between the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University, and NASA Glenn, since 2000.