David O. Kasdan

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Center for Economic Development


The objective of the entrepreneurship Confidence Survey is to assess the entrepreneurial climate and entrepreneurs’ confidence in their ability to start and sustain a business in Northeast Ohio. This is the third year that the survey has been conducted, and the intention is to continue conducting the survey annually for the next several years to identify trends that might emerge. The survey has been constructed to measure respondents’ perceptions regarding several issues, including access to capital, workforce supply, information provided by educational institutions and business support organizations, networking opportunities, government responsiveness, attitudes toward entrepreneurs, adequacy of infrastructure, quality of life, and confidence in the regional economy and ability to start or sustain a business in Northeast Ohio. The results from this year’s survey as compared to the 2006 and 2007 surveys are similar for many categories. Noteworthy differences are highlighted in the full report and concluding remarks. The year-over-year results confirm some of the conclusions from the last surveys and identify some aggregate trends in the entrepreneurial conditions for Northeast Ohio.