About This Journal

Cultural Encounters, Conflicts, and Resolutions: A Journal of Border Studies
Antonio Medina-Rivera, PhD
Cultural Crossings

I have been the director of Cultural Crossings for six years. In 2005, in collaboration with Diana Orendi (the Cultural Crossings Director at that time), we organized the first Crossing Over Symposium. The original idea was to develop an interdisciplinary conference in the field of border studies. After the success of the first symposium I have continued organizing the conference every other year: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and I am currently working on the V Crossing Over for 2015. Each conference has brought between 60-70 scholars from around the world: United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, India, Japan, China, Australia, and Jamaica. Through the years we have developed a well establish conference that has been given CSU visibility and great reputation.

In addition to the conferences, we had the opportunity to publish the proceedings through Cambridge Scholars Publishing Company, a publisher established in the United Kingdom and dedicated exclusively to academic publications. The first book entitled Crossing Over: Redefining the Scope in Border Studies was published in 2007. Diana Orendi and I worked as the editors for this book, and each article was evaluated by at least two scholars in the specific field of the author of each article, making it a peer reviewed publication with extensive editorial work. The second book was published in 2011 with the title In, Out and Beyond: Studies on Border Confrontations, Resolutions and Encounters, and Lee Wilberschied and I served as the editors. Lee Wilberschied and I are currently working on the proceedings for the IV Crossing Over Symposium.

In terms of editorial board, I have developed great contacts around the world through the coordination of the Symposium, and I believe it would be very easy for me to put together an editorial board that incorporates both good reputation and diversity of perspectives. It is my intention to include scholars from the United States and from other countries to provide the journal an international scope. The journal will publish two numbers per year, with 4-6 articles, 2-3 book reviews, and some space for announcing conferences or other events.

The main focus of the journal is borders studies as a discipline dedicated to examining confrontations, resolutions and encounters within national, political, social, cultural, religious, racial, and educational borders. It analyzes borders as a physical, psychological and symbolic experience that affects relationships and negotiations among people around the world. The journal is interdisciplinary in nature and it intends to bring scholar from the humanities and the social sciences. Even though the academic world has been talking about interdisciplinary efforts and contributions, the reality is that most journal focus on one specific field, rather than having different voices from different academic disciplines. The Journal of Cultural Encounters, Conflicts and Resolutions will bring about an opportunity for an interesting and stimulating dialogue between fields such as literature, history, political science, sociology, religion studies, anthropology, art, and philosophy.

I am interested in starting with this project as soon as possible. In fact, in the past I have established dialogue with other administrators in the university about the creation of a journal as part of Cultural Crossings. Cultural Crossings started as a speakers’ series, eventually we added an educational component (which we have not been developed during the last 5 years due to the lack of funds and cuts in our budget), the incorporation of the Symposium and now with the possibility of developing an open access journal to continue with our academic mission.