Submissions from 2011


Northwest Indiana Entrepreneurial Opportunity Survey Analysis, Ziona Austrian, Merissa Piazza, Eli Auerbach, and Sunjoo Park


Northwest Indiana Regional Analysis: Demographics, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ziona Austrian, Merissa Piazza, Eli Auerbach, and Sunjoo Park

Submissions from 2010


Northeast Ohio Economic Brief, Afia Yamoah


Northeast Ohio High-Tech Economy Report, Iryna Lendel

Submissions from 1998


Ohio Business Establishments Inter-County Relocation Trends During the 1994-1997 Period, Ziona Austrian and Adina Swirski Wolf

Submissions from 1997


Ohio's Metropolitan Areas: Employment and Payroll Trends in Central and Suburban Counties, Ziona Austrian


Downtown Cleveland's Economic Base, 1989-1996: Executive Summary, Ziona Austrian and Jocelyn Fagan

Cross-sector collaboration: The Great Lakes Environmental Center, Ziona Austrian and Don Iannone

Beyond Edge Cities, Richard D. Bingham, William M. Bowen, and et al.

Poverty and Economic Morphology of Ohio Central-City Neighborhoods, Richard D. Bingham and Zhongcai Zhang

Submissions from 1996

Great Lakes Central Counties: Is the Era of Greenfield Development Coming to an End?, Ziona Austrian and Thomas Bier

Submissions from 1994


Geauga County Growth Forecast: Study of Expected Trends to the Year 2005, Donald T. Iannone and Ziona Austrian