Submissions from 2004


Regional Economic Indicators: Business & Innovation Climate, Robert Sadowski

The Economics of Sports: An International Perspective, Robert Sandy, Peter Sloane, and Mark S. Rosentraub

Submissions from 1998


An Assessment of the Ohio Thomas Edison Program, Dean M. Prestegaard, Adina Swirski Wolf, Donald T. Iannone, and Ziona Austrian


The Ohio Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Investment Tax Credit: An Economic Impact Analysis, Ziona Austrian and Adina Swirski Wolf

Industrial Policy American Style: From Hamilton to HDTV, Richard D. Bingham

Tax Increment Financing: Municipal Adoption and Effects On Property Value Growth, Mark Rosentraub and Joyce Man

Submissions from 1997

Cross-sector collaboration: The Great Lakes Environmental Center, Ziona Austrian and Don Iannone

Beyond Edge Cities, Richard D. Bingham, William M. Bowen, and et al.

Global Perspectives on Economic Development: Government and Enterprise Finance, Richard D. Bingham and Edward W. Hill

Dilemmas of Urban Economic Development: Issues in Theory and Practice, Richard D. Bingham and Robert (eds) Mier

Poverty and Economic Morphology of Ohio Central-City Neighborhoods, Richard D. Bingham and Zhongcai Zhang

Cleveland's Gateway to the Future, Mark Rosentraub and Ziona Austrian