John Gower’s Confessio Amantis, Ideology, and the ‘Labor’ of ‘Love’s Labor'

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Contribution to Books

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Re-Visioning Gower


English literature, poetry


Essays from this work are concerned with the Middle English writer John Gower's "politics (of gender, the court, and the Church), publication (in manuscript and black-letter), and poetics. All are selected from papers presented to the membership of the John Gower Society, 1992-1997, at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, MI, and revised extensively for this volume." (from book cover)

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Sadlek, Gregory M. “John Gower’s Confessio Amantis, Ideology, and the ‘Labor’ of ‘Love’s Labor.’” Re-Visioning Gower. Ed. R.F. Yeager. Asheville, NC: Pegasus, 1998. 147-58.

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