Persons adversely affected by a decision of any officer, board, commission or other division of the great number of political subdivisions of the State usually encounter difficulty in appealing such decision. This fact has long troubled the judiciary of Ohio. Thus, adoption in 1957 of Chapter 2506 of the Ohio Revised Code- Appeals From Orders of Administrative Officers and Agencies was immediately welcomed by the courts as providing assistance to those citizens who found themselves adverse to, and totally at the mercy of, their government. Although Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 2506, radically changed the procedure with respect to appeals from boards and commissions below the state level, the courts recognized the need for such change since frequently these local boards consist of non-legally trained personnel who, "almost universally, are part-time officials." The procedures utilized by local boards and commissions oftentimes were so devoid of guarantees of due process of law for citizens appearing before them that at least one court, in commenting on the total lack of safeguards avail-able to litigants was constrained to conclude that: A litigant ought not suffer the consequences of a procedure that is so loose and indefinite.


Symposium Articles: Judicial Review of State and Local Administrative Agencies - Emphasis on Ohio