Mary Ann Bagus


This note will examine the legal protection afforded to cultural resources located in the state of Ohio. It will begin with a brief description of the nature of cultural resources, the dangers confronting them and the resulting efforts to protect them through appropriate legislation. The changing concepts of cultural resources and their social values will be considered in a statutory context. The development of federal preservation law will be traced from the turn of the century to the present with emphasis on the diverse approaches employed by Congress. This discussion will demonstrate that a comprehensive body of federal legislation has emerged to safeguard culturally significant properties through federal ownership, regulation, financial incentives and criminal sanctions. Ohio preservation efforts will then be examined with critical attention to the limitations of these measures. Amended Substitute House Bill No. 418, the major piece of state legislation, will be discussed at length and the programs established by this 1976 statute will be evaluated. Recommendations will also be offered for additional legislation.