As a federal judge I fully appreciate the role of the judiciary in reviewing the actions of administrative agencies. Hence, I am pleased to discuss the concepts of due process, judicial review, and the rights of the individual. Since it cannot be questioned that public officers and administrative agencies vitally affect the lives and interests of all persons, it is important to know the legal controls and remedies that are available to assure that public officials act lawfully. This, of course, implies that all administrators and officers of government must act within the bounds of their delegated authority and comply with the constitutional limitations imposed upon the power of government. It is also not questioned that powers to control the administration and administrative agencies are possessed by all three branches of government. On this occasion, I should like to stress the role of the courts, and express some thoughts on judicial review of administrative action. The subject implicates the concepts of due process and judicial review, and highlights the ideal of a government of laws.


The Forty-Eighth Cleveland-Marshall Fund Lecture